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Pantera - Living Through Me (Hell's Wrath)

Potentísimo tema del álbum titulado The Great Southern Trendkill, de la banda Pantera, a la que pertenecía el virtuoso guitarrista Darrell Lance Abbott, apodado "Dimebag" o "Diamond", asesinado el 8 de diciembre de 2004, justamente hace 6 años.

I cannot take the take, your condition was nod awake 
A selfish cryer, boldface liar, robbing all of what 
you could take in 
Stabbed towards a death, a dirty smelling girl 
Shit decisions, no provisions, filling veins with juice 
of chaos 

Painted face, olive drab, swollen hole, empty bag, 
sunken eyes, whining dog, it's times like this 
you should pray for never 
I broke your fucking mold, then ,blew, away the 
cast, new religion and new provisions, it's amazing 
you're alive 

Drop the needle and stop what you're changing into 
Erase the end dissolving, disgrace is needed more 

So I mended severed ties, through flesh we cauterized 
the undeserving, sliming, writhing, I filled you up 
with watered promise 

(Chorus)(2nd half) 
Spitting teeth, oral lust, alley fuck, angel dust, anal whore, bleeding 
knees, it's times 
like this to pray for murder 

(Chorus #2) 
So now I've seen it all, Hells' wrath , no 
man has greater glory, cause now you're living through me 

So I'm done with saving you, a gift unto myself, a 
tired savior, a wasted favor, and I'm lucky I'm alive

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